Wealth Management
New-issuance solutions that foster productivity and efficiency for retail broker-dealers

New Issuance Solutions

Cost-effective solutions across all aspects of the origination process for broker-dealers, wealth managers, and investment advisors. Ipreo’s fully integrated, back-to-front services are tailored to the way you conduct your business across multiple asset classes.

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Portfolio Management

Direct access to new issue markets that will enable your advisors to gradually shift portfolio durations higher in an ever changing economic climate.

Cross-Asset Accessibility

Whether your clients’ investment objectives are capital appreciation, preservation, income, diversification or lower beta equities, we provide access to a broad-spectrum of investment instruments that could provide the appropriate balance.

Risk Mitigation

Customizable compliance preferences allow you to govern suitability and reasonable diligence activities of your sales force.

Complex Allocations

Increase syndicate coordinator productivity levels by utilizing our state of the art allocation engine. It can handle firm’s recommendation processes ranging from the most simplistic pro-rata distribution models to the most sophisticated indexing formulas.

Electronic Prospectus

iProspectus is a full-service electronic document delivery and tracking system for Equity, Fixed Income and Municipal new-issue transactions. iProspectus streamlines the delivery of pre-allocation documents and reduces the cost of issuance associated with the printing and mailing of hard copies.

Directed Share Program (DSP)

Collaborative platform that provides information seamlessly between broker-dealers, participants and issuing companies on new issue equity offerings.

Client Relationships

Ipreo’s suite of investor prospecting and CRM solutions offers the most intuitive contact and profile data services. Powered by the industry-leading, multi-asset class Bigdough database, we have helped firms reach productivity goals by developing stronger client relationships.

Web-based Technology

All Ipreo applications are fully web-based, providing all deal participants real-time information. Ipreo is the ONLY financial service provider to offer solutions to all participants across all security types for the Equity, Fixed Income and Municipal markets.

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