Take the hassle out of complex valuations.

Leading you through today’s complex valuation maze with efficient, timely, accurate, auditor-approved reporting.

With audit firms cracking down on the way valuations are conducted, an ability to produce and support highly complex valuations is now imperative for portfolio companies and their investors. Fortunately, the Ipreo Private Capital Markets software platform takes the hassle out of these complex valuations. Now, in just minutes, you can generate audit-ready, Topic 820 valuations that used to take weeks.

In the past, valuation calculations had to be produced manually or using complex spreadsheet models. Executing the complex calculations required to allocate equity according to company performance, market factors, and securities terms and conditions was no easy task. And only limited data on public market comparisons was available.

Ipreo offers a seamless and practically effortless solution for taking on valuations. Our software platform is unique in the industry for its ability to provide:

  • A standardized and scalable valuation process and toolset
  • Audit-approved methodologies that streamline the annual audit cycle
  • The ability to allocate enterprise value to an individual securities level
  • Step-by-step wizards that generate audit-ready valuation reports with all necessary supporting documentation

By simply following our step-by-step process, you can quickly establish enterprise value, allocate individual share value and generate complete, audit-ready valuation reports. These reports, along with our specialized dashboards, are easy to archive and distribute to auditors, limited partners and other key stakeholders.

Find out the secret to keeping your auditors, partners and limited partners happy in our white paper ‘The 3 keys to surprise-free valuation audits.’

The Ipreo Valuation Platform

Wizard-Based Design

Step-by-step decision tree that generates comprehensive, fully contained valuation reports.

Decision Support

Proprietary methodologies and algorithms for producing accurate waterfall distributions, term sheet analysis and scenario modeling.

Consistent Reporting

Carry-forward valuation methodologies and versions for the next reporting period. Tracking of returns by investor class.

Advanced Monitoring

Scalable workflow for tracking and managing quarterly valuation results. Ability to identify key breakpoints as value grows, as well as calculate realized returns by company and fund.

Advanced Valuation Methodologies

Integration with S&P Capital IQ market data, including public comparables, back solve, option pricing models and more.

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