Tax & Regulatory Services
Accurate analysis of a company’s ownership by domicile at the beneficial level

Ipreo’s audit-ready Tax & Regulatory reports assist companies to comply with certain IRS and SEC regulations to satisfy tax-treaty ownership tests and prepare for M&A activity

Maximize efficiency of tax payments by ensuring compliance with tax treaties between the United States and other countries

Assess the availability of SEC Rule 14d-1(c) (“Tier I”) and 14d-1(d) (“Tier II”) relief in connection with a merger

Substantiate a company’s Foreign Private Issuer (FPI) status

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Ipreo provides you with an accurate analysis of a company’s ownership by domicile at the beneficial level. The Ipreo difference includes:

Ipreo employs a multi-phase research process across various types of securities, including common and preferred stock, warrants, and debt securities to determine the number of shares and bonds beneficially owned by domicile
Ipreo covers multiple time zones and languages to service global clients
Ipreo analyzes all information received and presents all findings to the company followed by supporting exhibits of the ownership information received
Ipreo’s report format and style provides the company and tax advisers a concise and easy to follow report
Ipreo’s experienced staff members understand the importance of satisfying IRS regulations and SEC requirements, and will keep the company abreast of the progress and present the findings to the company, tax advisers, and auditors
As a trusted name throughout the investment community, Ipreo is able to leverage its relationships with the various domestic and foreign nominees to provide and gather company-specific ownership information

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