Targeting Services
Critical financial and portfolio analytics to maximize the return on investor outreach

The Ipreo Advantage

DEPTH OF ANALYSIS- Data-driven, pithy and intuitive basis for every recommendation

ACCESS TO HIGH LEVEL SUPPORT- Experienced analysts engaged in every retainer and project, and available to every client

PROVEN RESULTS –  We’ll back test our model specifically for your company

CONTENT BREADTH AND DEPTH – Global collection and synthesis of the most detailed and accurate intelligence on the buy side and sell side

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BuysideIQ – Online Investor Targeting

Our web-based investor targeting solution is designed to  accurately match issuers with qualified institutional investors at the firm and fund level:

  • Identify critical markets for share ownership and expansion
  • Set goals and establish tactics to achieve them
  • Analyze specific compatibilities between your company’s investment profile and a portfolio manager’s investment strategy
  • Fully integrated with BD Corporate, including responsive software and 24-hour worldwide support

Premium Investor Targeting

You get all components of our Targeting Services listed plus…

  • In-depth screening processes focusing on business segments, market capitalization, investing fundamentals and macroeconomic data relative to your investment story
  • Collaboration with your IR team and senior management throughout the targeting process to align with company initiatives
  • Analysis beyond targeting: providing intelligence to identify overweight investors and risk based on deviation from portfolio fit
  • Comprehensive analysis of investor interactions, holding patterns and qualitative investor characteristics to consider when evaluating future outreach plans
  • Continued support of the IR team and senior management providing insights and recommendations prior to investor interactions

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