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"Whenever I call our  Account Manager or the support  staff they continually raise the client service bar to new levels. They are superior to any firm out there."

Roth Capital Partners

“Ipreo’s contact database is more up-to-date and has faster information about personnel changes than other vendors. Their platform is superior to my previous provider.”

Drexel Hamilton

Investor Contact & Ownership Data

The industry best database of institutional contacts, ownership and investor profiles

Find Potential Investors

View detailed profiles of fund managers, analysts and senior decision makers; their investment focus, asset allocation and their cross-asset class holdings.

Prepare for Roadshows

Search for relevant investors and view their location using the built in map functionality

See Ownership Changes

Search for particular securities and debt instruments to see which investors are buying or selling

Keep up-to-date with daily changes

Ipreo tracks changes in ownership and contacts in your sector and makes thousands of updates daily and sets up customized daily email alerts to track changes to people, investors and holdings

Event Management

Streamline the planning and co-ordination of all your deal and non-deal events with Ipreo’s web-based event management solutions

Manage and plan all Events from Company Roadshows, Field Trips, Analyst Marketing, Conferences and more.

Record all requests and manage allocations centrally, or choose first come first served.

Communicate effectively between Sales, Corporate Access, Logistics, clients and all other stakeholders.

Report flexibly and powerfully on all meetings and Events, including investor feedback reports

Pitch Book Generation

Ipreo’s Pitch Builder is a dynamic report engine that produces presentation-ready pitch books effortlessly in minutes

Save time spent formatting pitch books and crunching & formatting raw data

Customize your templates and specify how you want the data displayed

Choose to export into either PDF, Excel, Word or PPT

Research Management

Target your distributions, create innovative, eye catching content and follow up using real time tracking statistics

Manage your subscriptions easily and flexibly to distribute relevant and personalized content directly to your target audience.

Integrate with all leading research authoring platforms.

Target your follow up calls using powerful tracking tools to determine who’s reading your research, how frequently and from where.

Report on Research effectiveness with aggregated statistics within the CRM.

Investor Profile Generation

Powered by Ipreo’s best-of-breed investor data, Profile Builder a versatile tool for creating unique customized profiles

User-friendly and versatile screening workflow

Comprehensive global ownership data, contacts and biographical content from the Bigdough database

Customized templates including multiple display options and client branding

Flexible output options available, including PDF, Excel, Word or PPT


“The platform is essential to our business, and customer service has been outstanding.”

KLR Group

“Ipreo’s BD Advanced is my first stop in finding who cares about what.”

Drexel Hamilton

Capital Markets CRM

Ipreo’s CRM solutions are dedicated to the Capital Markets workflow.

Increase Sales and Research productivity, by blending Ipreo data with your proprietary knowledge of client interests and priority to put relevant call lists in front of users

Join up Sales, Research and Trading – automatically share relevant intelligence, and present a unified face to the customer

Increase account penetration by leveraging existing relationships

Produce detailed reports for broker reviews, incorporating Research Delivery and readership, Corporate Access and Event participation, Sales and Analyst activity, and Revenue

Take control of your data with Ipreo’s data clean service and ongoing, automatic data updates

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