Roadshow & Events
Communicate and collaborate effectively with Ipreo’s state of the art event management and online roadshow solutions

Pitch Builder

Dynamic report engine allows you to produce presentation-ready
pitch books effortlessly in minutes.

Use flexible templates to specify how the data is presented and the ability to add customized branding

Run multiple projects

Export into PowerPoint, PDF, Excel and Word files

Shareholder analytics, security analysis, and investor targeting reports available in data extracts to Excel

Event Management

Streamline the planning and co-ordination of all your deal and non-deal events with Ipreo’s web-based suite of applications

Manage and plan the logistics of a conference on one collaborative online platform

Communicate effectively with all those involved in the roadshow planning process

View a list of requests and confirmed meetings once the coordinator has released the information

Save all roadshow information in one central repository, facilitating data mining and profitability reporting

Virtual Roadshow

RoadshowAccess is an innovative platform used to create, broadcast and view virtual management presentations globally, for capital-raising events across all asset classes (equity, corporate debt, and muni debt) as well as for non-deal marketing activities.


A user-friendly interface that captures all essential details of the deal and virtual roadshow


A real time interactive dashboard to administer and oversee the lifecycle of each service requested


A sophisticated and modern interface to view virtual presentations and offering documentation together, leveraging state-of-the-art technology


Harness better intelligence with real time aggregated viewership reports, which also integrate directly with Ipreo’s bookbuilding applications

Request a demo to explore all functionality
or register now and start viewing selected presentations

Capital Markets CRM

A comprehensive fully integrated application that suits operational and business management needs

Leverage the industry’s best investor data and search for prospects to invite to your events

Measure the ROI of your events and keep track of revenue generated by account

Capital Markets Analytics

A consultative service focused on providing strategic intelligence on the equity capital markets

Prepare for roadshows and ongoing investor outreach via our institutional investor dossiers

Keep up-to-date during the roadshow period with Ipreo’s Daily Market Wrap-Ups

Investor Profile Generation

Powered by Ipreo’s best-of-breed investor data, Profile Builder a versatile tool for creating investor unique customized profiles

User-friendly and versatile screening workflow

Comprehensive global ownership data, contacts and biographical content from the Bigdough database

Customized templates including multiple display options and client branding

Flexible output options available, including PDF, Excel, Word or PPT


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