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Centralize and use your data to drive fundraising, reporting, investment insights, compliance, valuations, and more.

Data Collection
Collect and centralize data effortlessly with iLEVEL’s integrated suite of tools and managed services that transform your data into actionable insights.
Managed Data Services
Stop chasing the data. The Ipreo managed data services team can collect and consolidate the data from your GPs on your behalf so that your portfolio performance data is always there for you in iLEVEL--timely, accurate, and secure.
Track and analyze private equity, venture capital, debt and real asset investment performance at the fund level and understand exposures across regions and industries at the underlying asset level. Or roll up multiple investments for a big-picture view.
Performance and Benchmarks
Calculate investment performance, including IRR and TWR and benchmark against multiple global indices such as the S&P 500, FTSE All Share, MSCI World, and many more.
Secure commitments faster by leveraging iLEVEL’s centralized cloud data and Excel add-in to respond to data requests such as RFI’s and DDQ’s with ease, and share any fundraising reports with potential investors through the Prism VDR.
Investor Reporting
Simplify complex LP reporting, satisfy ILPA best practices, and generate quarterly reports in a few clicks leveraging iLEVEL, and share documents with investors via Prism’s secure LP Portal.
Valuation and Audit
Run venture capital and private equity valuation reporting using a variety of industry-accepted and IPEV-compliant methodologies.
Reporting and Analytics
Visualize and report on portfolio analytics for private markets using customizable and interactive dashboards and reports on iLEVEL’s web portal, iPad app or Excel add-in.

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