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Enhance your firm’s portfolio management, investor relationships, underwriting, and returns through data-driven technology.

Data Aggregation
Aggregate, consolidate and normalize financial, operational, and performance data in iLEVEL and have confidence knowing the information is controlled, accurate, and complete.
iLEVEL enables users to track and analyze investment performance and identify credit and sub-sector risk, from the full capital stack down to individual tranches and securities.
Analytics and Risk Management
Analyze performance in real time and leverage iLEVEL to get a snapshot of exposures across your entire portfolio or drill into the performance of individual investments. View and screen data in iLEVEL’s web portal, Excel add-in or iPad app.
Calculation Engine
Work natively in Excel using iLEVEL’s robust calculation engine and flow data securely between local spreadsheets, valuation models, and the cloud—and trace data back to the source document with a click.
Covenant Tracking
Gain an instant view into covenant compliance across the portfolio and within each individual borrower. Leverage iLEVEL to highlight early warning signs and potential covenant breaches more systematically.
Manage increasingly complex reporting requirements for LPs and other stakeholders, and demonstrate the source of value creation more easily. Leverage iLEVEL to generate quarterly and ad hoc reports in a few clicks, and seamlessly share documents with investors in Prism’s secure LP Portal.
Audit and Compliance
Improve overall data integrity and utility by leveraging iLEVEL’s full audit trail to track individual data points back to the their original sources.
Capital Raising
Secure commitments faster by leveraging iLEVEL’s centralized cloud data and Excel add-in to respond to data requests such as RFI’s and DDQ’s with ease, and share any fundraising reports with potential investors through the Prism virtual data room.
Share confidential documents securely in the context of fundraising, due diligence, or internal projects or communicate regular investor reporting leveraging an LP Portal, all on the Prism platform.

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