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Qval Product Release Notification

At Ipreo, building solutions that help you leverage your company data to be successful is our top priority. With that in mind, important changes were released to Qval and are available for use as of January 29, 2016.


Integration between Qval and iLEVEL
Users of both Qval and iLEVEL platforms now have the following features available:

  • Integration of data from iLEVEL to Qval – Users now have the option to map and import company financial data that is stored within iLEVEL into the Qval platform. Users may specify the data item, period end, and scenario iLEVEL parameters for each valuation iteration in Qval.
  • Integration of data from Qval to iLEVEL – Users now have the ability to use the iGet feature within iLEVEL to retrieve certain capitalization table data, securities series terms, and valuation outputs from Qval. Users may also use iGetArrays to retrieve a list of securities, investors, and select valuation data from Qval.
  • Single Sign On – Users now have the ability to set up one username and password to log into the iLEVEL Portal and then link a Qval account to that username. This will allow the user to log into Qval using the same credentials that he or she uses to log into iLEVEL.

To activate these features you must be a client of both iLEVEL and Qval. If you would like to activate any of these feature please contact your Ipreo account representative.

Document Collection Status
Monitor the status of each document request by logging into the platform and clicking on Manage>Document Requests within the Qval ribbon. This view provides users with a read-only view of the document collection screen. This feature does not affect clients who handle their own document collection. These clients will continue to have read/write access to the document collection screen.

Carryforward When Exit Date Has Passed
With this release the user is now able to proceed with the carryforward functionality when the exit date is earlier than the valuation date. The user will be prompted to update the exit date before they can modify or execute the new valuation.

Account Deactivation Notification
For security purposes, Qval automatically deactivates user accounts that have been inactive for 90 days. Users will now receive an automated email notification ten days prior to the account deactivation, reminding them to log into the platform in order to keep their account active for another 90 days. If a user does not log into the platform within ten days of the notification, they will have to contact their account representative to unlock their account.

Deleting an Object Containing Documents
The platform provides users the ability to directly attach documents to objects (security series, investors, and ownership records). With this release, when a user attempts to delete an object containing documents the user is prompted to choose whether the documents should be deleted or if the documents should be migrated to the document library accessible via Manage>Documents within the Qval ribbon.


In order to comply with stricter security standards from financial regulators, and in accordance with several client requests, we’ve continued to make security enhancements to our system, which include the following:

  • Enhanced “forgot password” function. Upon clicking the “forgot password” button on the login page users will now receive an automated email containing a confirmation code. The user will be prompted to enter this code to continue with the forgot-password process. The email containing the confirmation code will be sent to the email address associated with the user account.
  • To ensure against threats via our wireless network, internal wireless networks are now actively monitored for the presence of rogue or unknown wireless access points.
  • To ensure that client information remains secure in the event of a security breach all servers either hosting or storing Qval data are now encrypted.
  • To improve the integrity of our system we have implemented a mechanism to monitor unauthorized access and unauthorized modification of application source files.

If you have feedback for future releases, please send your ideas to the Ipreo Private Capital Markets Product team at
To schedule training, please contact the support team at

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