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Ipreo integrates Bigdough data & tools into Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Industry-leading content & functionality make CRM experience more relevant to Capital Markets professionals

New York – March 1, 2010 – Ipreo, a leading global provider of market intelligence and productivity solutions to investment banks and corporations, announced the availability of BD For Dynamics – a powerful integration of Ipreo’s market-leading Bigdough institutional data and prospecting tools with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The integration provides Microsoft Dynamics financial services customers with a productive and powerful CRM experience.

The Bigdough database is widely recognized as the leading source for institutional contacts data and investor profiles, covering 100,000 equity and fixed-income contacts at more than 18,000 firms in 109 countries. Capital markets professionals around the world access this information through Ipreo’s BD Suite of prospecting and CRM platforms, namely BD Advanced and BD Vision in institutional research, sales and trading, and BD Corporate in the investor relations marketplace.

BD For Dynamics combines Ipreo’s BD Advanced workflow solution, as well as the full Bigdough database of institutional contacts, via an intuitive integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, allowing clients to seamlessly screen, manipulate, mine and manage Bigdough information, significantly enhancing the value of the platform for sales and research professionals – helping to increase effectiveness as well as speeding adoption, usage and penetration of the CRM platform throughout the firm.

“We are very excited about this roll-out on several fronts,” said Paul Hebert, EVP and MD of Global Capital Markets Sales at Ipreo. “First, we are confident that this will enrich the experience of all financial market CRM users. Second, many CRM decisions are enterprise decisions. It can be very challenging for IT professionals to build support among divergent business segments for a common CRM platform. Adding the BD Advanced embedded solution to Microsoft’s leadership in the deployment of enterprise CRM solutions will help our mutual clients bring some of these business segments together.”

“In an ever-changing economic environment, financial organizations need to be equipped with the right technologies to help them succeed,” said Brad Wilson, general manager, Microsoft Dynamics CRM. “This new solution demonstrates Ipreo’s commitment to keeping clients in the capital markets integrated, collaborative and competitive.”

About Ipreo

Ipreo is a global leader in providing market intelligence, data, and technology solutions to all participants in the global capital markets, including sell-side banks, publicly traded companies, and buy-side institutions. By combining state-of-the-art new issuance systems with the premier global financial and investor data, Ipreo enables our capital markets clients to execute deals more efficiently, maximizing time and resources. Our applications include end-to-end bookbuilding systems, roadshow & conference management platforms, and electronic document delivery. Additionally, Ipreo’s suite of investor prospecting and CRM solutions offers the most accurate and comprehensive institutional contacts data and profiles in the industry. Ipreo is the only financial services provider to offer solutions across all asset classes for the Equity, Fixed Income, Municipal, and Syndicated Loan markets. Ipreo is a KKR portfolio company with nearly 700 employees supporting clients in every major financial center around the world. For more information, please go to


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