Perception Studies
In-Depth Interviews. Rigorous Analysis. Best-In-Class Recommendations.

Ipreo helps IROs and management teams improve relationships with the buy and sell side by understanding what drives their investment decisions.  We partner with clients to develop actionable strategies to positively differentiate their company as an investment opportunity.

CUSTOMIZED APPROACH – Our entire process from questionnaire development to post-study consultation is tailored to address client-specific concerns and needs

COMPLEMENTING SERVICES – Our clients are able to leverage Ipreo’s entire suite of services to provide a valuable quantitative perspective

GLOBAL REACH – Ipreo covers multiple time zones and languages and our global client base allows us to understand regional differences in corporate structures and investor expectations

COMPREHENSIVE DATABASE – Ipreo has a wide-ranging database of scores from our global clients that will provide benchmarks for your Company’s management team and IR efforts

TRUSTED NAME – Ipreo is a trusted name throughout the investment community for gathering sensitive information due to existing relationships with the buy- and sell-side communities

DEDICATED CLIENT SERVICE – Our team has a unique understanding of what it takes to service its clients and can present unbiased best-in-class recommendations as a valuable independent consultant

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Watch the video now to see an example of benchmarking IR proactiveness with aggregated data from Ipreo's Perception Analytics

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