M&A Services
Ensure optimal communication with shareholders from the start, maintain dialogue with key shareholders for the life of the transaction, and go the extra mile to ensure shareholders accept the offer in a timely manner

Ipreo executes your transaction in closest possible collaboration with your team to communicate terms, discuss issues raised and bring in the vote.

Information agent provides feedback on how the market views the proposed transaction, facilitating clear and transparent communication channels between you and your investors. Key calls shared between senior management and Ipreo team working as one

Solicitation agent keeps you informed as to how buy-side investors will evaluate you pre- and post-transaction, putting you in the best possible position to understand the impact of proposal

Investor outreach to communicate the benefits of the transaction to institutional and retail investors, ensuring that support for the deal is managed throughout the process from announcement to tender

Scenario analysis of institutional behaviour and prospective sentiment/reaction

Monitoring of changes in share ownership during the transaction and of the vote at institutional, beneficial and fund levels to ensure maximum support and focus on key shareholders and opinion formers. Providing you with the clearest picture of who is moving within your shareholder structure, and why. Keeping you on the front foot with regards to unexpected, and unwelcome, changes in ownership

Daily scenario analysis to keep the advisory team fully informed of the status of the transaction and the forecast simulations

Learn more about how our solutions can support your success

Leverage extensive experience in providing in-depth buy-side knowledge relevant to your transaction process

Ipreo specialises in transaction analyses and institutional behaviour to guide management through the M&A process from the unique perspective of an investor.

Be it via a Scheme of Arrangement, domestic or cross border takeover, Ipreo’s Corporate Advisory Services team is able to assist clients with a fast and wide-reaching shareholder surveillance and engagement programme. Our takeover solutions are both used in friendly as well as hostile transactions.

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