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Special Report: US Tax Reform And Valuation

Special Report: US Tax Reform and Valuation

Ipreo Private Capital Markets’ Director of Valuations, Bharat Kanodia, has been a consistent contributor to the Ipreo Blog. Recently, Bharat authored a three-part series on auditing and valuation (read the entries herehere, and here).

Now that audit season has ended, Bharat has turned his attention to a new subject – one which impacts all of us in one way or another, and will have a significant effect on the world of Private Capital Markets: the recent changes to the United States’ tax code.

Our latest special report from Ipreo PCM explores those changes, which were put into place at the end of 2017, and looks at the ways tax reform will affect companies moving forward.


Analysts also forecast that the risk-free rate will increase in response to the increase in US government borrowing over short periods. The risk-free rate may increase further as the Federal Reserve Bank moves towards reducing the balance sheet on items such as the investments in various asset categories that have been accumulating since the 2008 financial crisis. 

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