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Video: Learn How Nearly 100 LPs Are Spending Less Time Collecting Data And Much More Time Using It.

Video: Learn How Nearly 100 LPs Are Spending Less Time Collecting Data and Much More Time Using It.

iLEVEL for LPs offers the features institutional investors need to minimize manual data collection, analyze their private capital portfolio more effectively, and gain deeper visibility into their holdings. Features include asset-level analytics, performance-to-investment thesis, levered and unlevered exposures, valuation metrics, key performance indicators, headcount, and much more. The platform also enables investors to calculate their IRRs portfolio wide or at the manager or fund level, and to further view performance across investment, geography and industries. Data can be accessed and managed online, in Excel models, and on a native app for iPads. iLEVEL for LPs solves some of the institutional investor community’s most frustrating issues, including the problem of having to manually collect and consolidate data, a lack of analytics to track investment performance and model cash flows, and an in general an inability to assess risk, manage exposure, and make informed investment decisions across portfolio holdings.

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