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Ipreo IPO Brief: March 2011

Ipreo IPO Brief: March 2011

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March saw the return of broad market volatility as North Africa and the Middle East slid further into conflict and Japan experienced its devastating earthquake. From 3/1 to 3/16, the VIX Volatility Index jumped 40% while the S&P 500 shed 4%, dropping 2% on 3/16 alone. On the same day, however, the US-based 25 Index actually rose on the back of strong gains from BG Medicine, Inc. (+10%), Endocyte, Inc. (+6%), and MedQuist Holdings Inc. (+6%). While the major indices were locked in a systematic de-risk trade, the US-based 25 Index was able to outperform the major indices and finish the month 3.3% higher.

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