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Report: Ipreo Global Equity Assets Report “GEAR” – Q3 2015

Report: Ipreo Global Equity Assets Report “GEAR” – Q3 2015

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Institutions continued the purchasing momentum from Q2 to Q3 as all security regions recorded net capital inflows during the period. Maintaining its position as the leading region on a percentage basis in terms of purchasing activity, Japan posted a 1.8% increase. Japan has held the top spot since Q3 2013 barring being overtaken by Asia/Pacific ex. Japan in Q3 2014. The increase for Japanese equities comes at a time that the country has seen a 0.3% GDP expansion following a contraction in the previous quarter, as the country continues its quantitative easing program. Elsewhere, North America reported the quarter’s second largest net gain with a 0.9% increase following the prior-period’s 0.3% gain amid broader market volatility. During the quarter, every region saw a descent in dollar value, with Latin America seeing the steepest decline (-25.6%), followed closely by Asia/Pac. Ex. Japan (-19.8%).

Meanwhile, North American equities had the largest portfolio allocation growth (+1.41%), while Europe was the runner up (+0.19%). All of the remaining regions witnessed decreases in portfolio allocation, with Asia/Pac Ex. Japan seeing the largest outflow (-1.32%).

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