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Report: Ipreo Global Equity Assets Report “GEAR” – Q2 2014

Report: Ipreo Global Equity Assets Report “GEAR” – Q2 2014

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Institutions maintained the buying momentum from Q1 to Q2 as all regions recorded net capital inflows during the period for the fourth consecutive quarter. Japan continued its position from last quarter as the region with the greatest level of net purchases, posting a 3.1% net increase, as the Bank of Japan continues to expand its monetary base at an annual pace of 60-70 trillion yen in order to achieve its 2% inflation target. North America posted a 1.3% net increase, ahead of last quarter’s 0.7% net gain in capital flows. Q2 saw rising dollar values across the board, with Japan and Asia/Pacific Ex. Japan coming in at 9.5% and 8.7% respectively, a sharp reversal from last quarter’s 4.0% and 1.6% declines. Additionally, the Middle East/Africa saw a 7.5% uptick in dollar value as the region’s oil production and exports grew in response to the global economic recovery.

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