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Ipreo Case Study – How To Effectively Communicate A Follow-on Offering

Ipreo Case Study – How to effectively communicate a follow-on offering

  • Corporate Investor Relations
  • Case Studies
  • Americas, APAC, EMEA, Global
After carefully considering its capital raising options, Ipreo’s client decided to conduct a follow-on offering in the hopes of expanding existing business segments and paying down some of its debt. In order to fully assess the potential impacts of the offering, the company partnered with Ipreo to evaluate the market’s reception to similar transactions. As the company has never conducted a follow-on offering before, management was curious of the implications that the additional float may have on the company in the current state of the market. Once the transaction was approved, the company moved forward alongside Ipreo to maximize the effectiveness of its investor outreach strategy surrounding the offering to optimize its engagement with the global investment community.


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