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Monitoring & Analytics
Greater returns begin with greater insight.


Greater returns begin with greater insight. And there’s no better way to gain insight into privately held companies than with Ipreo’s full suite of online portfolio monitoring and analytics tools. We simplify the way you take on data collection, custom reporting, deal modeling and outcome scenario analysis. Using our Excel Add-In, it’s easy to generate custom models and cross-portfolio analytics as well as complex valuation analytics and reports.

While capital flows freely to buy companies and invest in funds, performance data does not flow back as freely. Until now. Delivered with templates and workflow processes built specifically to address the exact demands of the private capital marketplace, and continuously refined based on the best practices of the industry’s most innovative and successful firms, Ipreo’s suite of solutions takes data collection, investment analysis and performance reporting to the next level.

Ipreo offers a better solution. With us, you get:

  • Simple Excel Add-in technology with access to a centralized database
  • Workflow-driven data collection for fund performance and individual assets
  • Cash transaction management for transactional data and IRR calculations
  • Reporting with far better presentation, content and breadth that takes far less effort
  • Software that automatically takes into account liquidation preferences, dividends, participation caps, warrants, options and much more
  • Proven algorithms for estimating value and creating waterfall projections quickly and accurately
  • Powerful reports you can produce as soon as you enter your capital structure
  • Business rule functionality that flags variances and exceptions in the data set based on a configurable threshold
  • An option for a data collection service where our Client Success team collects all financial statements, KPIs, budgets, cap tables and more
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Use our Excel Add-In: it’s easy to generate custom models, as well as complex valuation analytics and reports.

Easy Access

With Ipreo, you can now quickly populate and update any value, for any company, in any fund directly into your Excel reports, dashboards and models


Drill through private company performance with more than 120 standard metrics or create custom metrics specific to your needs


Increase collaboration and keep your team up to speed by easily sharing reports, documents and dashboards.


Our Excel-based technology enables users to build and analyze the data any way they like.

A Powerful Platform You Can Access On The Go

Our web-based platform enables anywhere, anytime access to reports, dashboards and source files. It’s easy to set version controls, permission rights and customized alerts too. This ensures that every file lands in the right hands at the right time.

Now you can compare key metrics across individual companies or entire portfolios in just seconds. You’ll also have access to comments by your coworkers and have the ability to add your own thoughts or edit past entries.

Organize your data better, make smarter decisions and enhance communication to shareholders.

Ipreo provides you with the most comprehensive solution for accurately analyzing, managing and reporting shareholder data for private and portfolio companies. You can make better decisions too because you won’t be scrambling at the last minute for documentation. You’ll have common-sense reporting whenever you need it most.

Modeling Exit Scenarios

We’ve built complex analysis capabilities into our proprietary algorithms for creating outcome scenarios. Whether you’re raising capital, selling shares or simply curious about how things stand, you’ll be able to quickly ascertain who owns what and what their returns will look like at any point in time.

With Ipreo, it’s easy to model the impact of new financings, compare payouts for each type of security and identify the most beneficial outcome by class. You can also produce stunning waterfall distribution graphics that clearly indicate payouts and decision analysis for each class of security at any exit amount.

Advanced Analysis Tools

Our solution saves you time and effort in pulling together all of the administration around your shareholder documentation, cap table and reporting requirements. After just minimal training, you’ll be able to generate valuable decision support on the fly – so you can quickly evaluate term sheets or model the impact of a financing event on both current and prospective shareholders


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