Global Markets Intelligence
Maximize the ROI of your IR efforts and prioritize IR activities
based on best-in-class intelligence.

Trading in your stock matters, but so does your options activity and the ownership of your debt. Getting a fully informed view of your capital structure will allow you to gain a unique perspective in order to deal with the challenges of today’s increasingly frenetic and fragmented markets.

KNOW who is buying and selling your stock on a near real-time basis

UNDERSTAND the drivers behind equity movements, factoring in company, sector and overall market events and trends

GAIN actionable recommendations
on what the information indicates, appropriate responses,
and how best to fine-tune your IR strategy

"Ipreo is simply the best at what they do. Other providers can't hold a candle to them. My team truly understands what customer service means."

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Watch our video to learn what are the biggest challenges for IR teams today, and how Ipreo's Global Markets Intelligence Services can help!


  • Our team goes beyond just providing data dumps or standard reports by engaging with clients to design the frequency and content of our interactions and reporting to specifically fit the needs of each
  • Analyzes the motivations behind institutional shareholder movements and their impact on valuation by leveraging direct buy-side perspectives in their own words
  • Dive deeper into the capital markets monitoring and interpreting options activity to gauge investor sentiment and be vigilant of potential activist ownership through derivatives

Innovative Reporting

  • Customized reporting on ownership changes, valuation, and market activity to meet the demands/workflow of your IR program
  • Insights on factors influencing trading and valuation gleaned directly from the buy side, sell side, and trading communities via perception calls
  • Ipreo serves as an extension of a client’s IR team by providing instant availability to fulfill ad-hoc project requests
  • Harvest IR activity data and draw insights from the results of meetings, conferences and interactions with investors with Ipreo’s IR Effectiveness Report

Team Structure

  • Sector-based analyst teams ensure the most relevant expertise and insights
  • Unique team hierarchy provides senior level oversight for every client account
  • Ipreo’s experience in surveillance is unmatched, dating back 25 years and running through the top of the organization
As part of our consultative approach to supporting the IR function, our Global Markets Intelligence team regularly produces special reports and leverages Ipreo’s research capabilities in order to continuously help IROs run successful IR programs.

Our clients represent large portions of the 3 major indices.

With over 600 clients, no one is more effective than Ipreo in providing stock surveillance, market analytics and investor information to help IROs run successful IR programs.

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