Fixed Income Services
More efficiently engage current and potential debt investors to meet all of your liability management needs

Our solutions are designed to assist fixed-income issuers to more efficiently engage current and potential debt investors. Active outreach for frequent or large issuers can increase demand for your existing issues, and can also build demand for future issuance, lowering your overall cost of capital.

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Watch our video to learn why its important to know in real-time who holds your fixed-income securities

Bondholder Identification

  • Enables issuers to develop debt management solutions and
    successfully market their securities
  • Key ingredient in determing how a recapitalization will be executed
  • Ensures higher participation and successful execution in liability management exercises
  • Reduces transaction costs, and positions securities with appropriate investors
  • Gain access to Ipreo’s proprietary system with over 35,000 fixed income contacts


  • Ipreo provides the interface between the issuer, their investor base and all market intermediaries
  • Proactive communication to the financial market of the terms
    and conditions of the corporate action (Consent/Tender/
  • Provide real-time reporting during the course of the corporate action
  • Monitor the delivery of instructions from each of the firms to
    ensure an orderly and efficient process. This is critical as it will provide an early gauge of the actual response to the corporate action
  • Liaise with all relevant parties involved in the transaction to
    ensure clear communication throughout the entire process

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