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Identify High-Priority Investors

BuysideIQ is an online resource that enables you to use your time on the road more effectively by identifying and prioritizing the best targets—non-owners and underweighted owners alike—so that you can focus on active, long-term investors with the highest likelihood of becoming significant shareholders in your company.

Suitability Scores

For a typical company, half of new investors come from the top 5% of the portfolio universe, ranked by suitability scores. BuysideIQ enables you to identify and spend more time with this audience.

Purchasing Power

Triage meeting opportunities based on the expected size of a portfolio’s position in your company and identify underweighted owners.

Critical Exposures

Isolate portfolios with material exposure to your company’s industry and float and, for international marketing, exposure to your country of domicile.
BuysideIQ is fully integrated with BD Corporate, the leading customer relationship management and workflow solution for investor relations.

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