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Using a combination of advanced analytic technology and analyst expertise, we help you understand the ''why'' behind the purchase and sale of your stock on a real-time basis and identify activist activities sooner.

Understand the motivations of people buying and selling your stock on a real-time basis and receive proactive insights and explanations for unexpected shareholder movements.
Gain access to advanced technology and specialized analyst expertise that monitors and identifies unusual activity by potential activists.
Gain deeper insight into who owns your stock, understand what motivates them, satisfy ownership tests and see how your shareholder base impacts compliance and M&A activity.
Gain a comprehensive and accurate understanding of your fixed-income securities investors, how much stock they hold and what their investment motives are.
Determine how much of your ownership is beneficially owned in the U.S. or abroad with proprietary research analysis and audit-ready tax and regulatory reports.
Arm your IR team with real-time, unbiased market intelligence on trading activity, deep insights into investor motivation and access to advisory support from regional experts supporting APAC and EMEA companies.

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