Corporate Governance
Arm yourself with the tools necessary to influence investors’ proxy voting decision-making with the industry’s most comprehensive CRM tool built for proxy & governance professionals.

Ipreo’s Corporate Governance solution features integrated data, analytics, and workflow tools enabling collaboration between the corporate secretary and the investor relations function at public companies and streamlining outreach to support investor’s proxy voting decision-making.

PREPARE for investor communications around your AGM or EGM by identifying your largest voting shareholders

IDENTIFY the proxy advisory relationships, voting practices, and governance coverage structures for each major investors

GAUGE levels of risk for your upcoming agenda items

OPTIMIZE  your message for each investor’s governance policy and “hot-button” issues

BUILD and maintain relationships with investors’ governance-focused professionals using the industry’s most comprehensive CRM system designed for proxy-related communications

Monitor-Corp Gov Dashboard
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Monitor Progress of Shareholder Base and Relationships from a Voting Perspective

Delivered via Ipreo’s industry-leading BD Corporate platform, the Corporate Governance module gives Corporate Secretaries, Governance Officers, IROs, and other corporate professionals access to powerful datasets, including:

  • Institutional voting data
  • Investor-level governance decision making profiles
  • Governance contacts
  • Ownership displays by voting power and history

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