We believe that our responsibility does not lie solely within our employees and our clients, but within the larger communities we serve. We aim to support the communities we are in through charitable giving of monetary gifts as well as employee time and passion.

Ipreo volunteers help with the downtown program that is offered exclusively for children with special needs and their families. Employees partner with museum personnel to help the children enjoy a fun filled night

London managers and executives lead by example by participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on Family Day in the UK.

Members of the Hong Kong team participated in the first annual Red Cross Blood Drive in the downtown office.


Ipreo aims to show dedication and hard work by channeling our core values in the way we behave and the way we think. We value individuals and interactions over processes and tools. We encourage collaboration and visibility so that individuals and teams have a much richer and more rewarding experience.


We are driven to achieve results for our clients


We are determined, persistent and resilient in
the face of obstacles


We are open, transparent and value the
opinions of our people


We are nimble, flexible, and we seize on every opportunity


We work well with others and place a high value on great teamwork


We love what we do and want everyone at Ipreo to enjoy coming to work every day


We respect the individual and are committed to doing all we can to promote the well-being of our people

Career Development

We seek out the best and the brightest, and provide them with the opportunity to develop and achieve their full potential. Projects and teams are built around motivated individuals who are trusted to provide expertise around the work before them. We work in a fast paced environment that requires constant adaptation to change, but we provide you the tools to acclimate.

“Leaders who listen, entrepreneurial spirit, incredibly intelligent colleagues, training program for entry-level analysts.”

Justin Rogers
Corporate Analytics Analyst, Raleigh Office

“I work with various groups internal & external; everyday there is something new whether it’s good or bad depends on the how you choose to look at it. Knowing there is a new challenge waiting and today will not be the same as tomorrow is what excites me.”

Hertzel Jonas
Cape Town Office

“I was surprised at how entrepreneurial and open the corporate culture is; upper management is very approachable and they made an effort to welcome all of us newbies. The lines of communication are always open.”

Matt Davis
Corporate Analytics Analyst, New York Office


Our global coverage equates to 9 offices in 8 countries and 4 continents and counting including major cities around the world: New York, Raleigh, Nashville, London, Vienna, Paris, Cape Town, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. We are located in all of the major markets around the world. Impressed? Take a look at our openings – there might just be something for you.

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