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Fixed Income Buyside Workflow Solutions

We provide an integrated set of tools and services to optimize buy side participation in the new issue process.

Deal Monitor

Convenient, single-dashboard view of all new issuance

  • Investment-grade debt with plans for municipals, equites and syndicated loans
  • Desktop notifications for new deals and updated terms
  • Filter, sort and drill-down functionality for all deal details
  • Available via web and mobile devices
Investor Access

Our groundbreaking solution brings together investors and banks on an electronic primary market platform that incorporates all the work flows relating to the distribution of deal terms and communication of orders and allocations. It builds upon our fixed income suite, including IssueBook and IssueNet.

  • Electronically enter orders on new issues
  • Consolidated deal calendar is a single source for structured terms and conditions data complete with documents
  • Centralized location to create and manage orders includes secure, one-click submission eliminating the need to duplicate updates across multiple counterparts
  • Enter laddered, limit and multiple entity orders supported by order change and cancellation workflow
  • View new issue allocations directly from syndicate banks
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Primary Indication Management

Workflow tool designed for portfolio managers and traders to determine demand for new issues

  • Allows traders to notify portfolio managers of pending deals
  • Enables portfolio managers to indicate interest on deals per fund or group
  • Provides traders with a view of aggregate demand build in real-time across all participating portfolio managers in the firm
  • Integrates with Ipreo Investor Access for seamless order submission to sell-side participants
  • Allows for allocation of allotments by portfolio manager (or by fund) manually or via fairness algorithms
Deal Services API

Data and content utilities for primary market transactions

  • Connectivity to existing systems and processes allows buy side participants to increase efficiency and reduce risk; our suite of integration services allow our systems to communicate with existing in-house and third-party systems.
  • Access our API through a single host that exposes consistent semantics, via routing.
FIX Connectivity

Connectivity to existing buy side trading systems facilitates order placement and receipt of allocations through an industry-standard FIX protocol.

  • Accepts orders and issuers of securities from existing third-party and/or in-house order management systems
  • Utilizes industry-standard protocol without the need for upgrade or customization
  • Provides straight-through processing for new issue workflow
  • Support for electronic communication of allocations
Compliance Workstation & Audit Feed

Comprehensive audit trail and related tools for buy side market participants

  • Event-based auditing
  • Query tools for compliance team
  • Structured audit feed of all new issue related events

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