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The Year in Ipreo

2016 is almost a month old already. I bet you’ve finally even settled into writing the correct year on your checks!

Before we welcome February and fully consign 2015 to the annals of history, the Ipreo Blog wanted to share a small sampling of some of the exciting things that happened within our walls over the course of the last year .

After all, it’s tradition!

Acquisitions and Partnerships

In 2015, Ipreo continued to bolster our offerings through a variety of methods. After several big announcements in 2014, this past year saw the acquisition of iLEVEL, a leading portfolio monitoring, analytics and transparency platform for global private capital markets, which immediately merged with our Alternative Assets group to form a new Private Capital Markets division.

All told, we entered into nearly a dozen partnerships last year, several of which were intended to broaden our reach around the globe, in places like Brazil (BM&FBOVESPA), the Middle East (Iridium), and Bulgaria (ABIRD). We also continued to augment our workflow solutions via partnerships that offer our clients direct access to relevant content across all of our verticals.

Visit our Press Releases page for more details.

Executive Additions

Ronnie West joined Ipreo as EVP and Managing Director of Global Human Resources. We also created several new executive roles in support of our ever-growing business lines: Chief Product Officer Jonathan Meyer, Chief Technology Officer Ken Watson, and COO of the Global Markets Group, O’Hara Macken.

Expansions/New Offices

Ipreo Japan moved to a brand new office in 2015, more than twice as big as their last space, and both Singapore and Cape Town opened new Ipreo offices in Asia and Africa respectively.

Product and Services News

2015 saw a lot of big news for Ipreo’s offerings. With the aforementioned acquisition of iLEVEL, the brand-new Private Capital Markets division came into being, enabling private market participants to generate deeper insights, create more value, demonstrate performance and – ultimately – increase allocations.

Our Loan Trade Settlement solution to finally shorten settlement times was launched, and quickly found a partner. We also introduced Investor Access, which allows investors to electronically submit Indications of Interest (IOIs) on fixed-income issuances directly into Ipreo’s syndicate-to-syndicate communications platform for the primary new-issue markets, IssueNet.

Speaking of IssueNet, the platform has grown considerably in the last 5 years. The total value of bonds issued each year over IssueNet has increased from US$587bn in 2009 to US$1832bn in 2014. Over 80% of global € issuance is now run over IssueNet, which currently has 110 member banks – up from 74 at the end of 2013. Every tier 1 and 2 bank is a member, and in 2015, IssueNet made its debut down under, and has been put to use by Australian banks.

2015 brought the launch of Ipreo’s Corporate Governance solution, which delivers critical investor data and connectivity to investor relations and corporate governance functions. Additionally, a significant crop of upgrades were made to our BD Corporate product over the course of 2015, including a new and improved interface, fast smart search, and more.

Roadshow Access, launched in 2014, continues to expand its global presence across all products and regions. Institutional registrations for the application rose by 100%, as more investors piled in to view deal-related content, and by the end of 2015, more than 200 deals had been executed via the platform. Roadshow Access has brought more enhancements to the virtual roadshow experience than any other provider with more innovations and integrations to come.

New Website

Finally, at the very tail end of the year, we launched our brand-new website. The very website on which you are currently reading this blog post!

We hope by now you’ve had a chance to take a spin around the place, explore our vast range of product and service offerings, dive (further) into the blog, and reach out to our dedicated and passionate sales people for more information about what Ipreo can do for you.

If the past two years are any indication, we’re sure to have a lot going on in 2016, and is exactly where you need to be to make sure you don’t miss out on any of it!

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