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Where Australians Invest

Ipreo is headquartered in New York City, but as a global company dedicated to providing insight and analysis across the global markets, we have offices on multiple continents and we monitor activity and serve clients in every financial hub around the world.

Last year saw an increase in communication between our corporate issuer clients and Australian investors. We decided to take a closer look at the investment trends in the region.

In our ongoing efforts to provide valuable content across all the major markets, Sudarshan Setlur, a Director in Ipreo’s Global Markets Intelligence Group, put together a report on Australia, detailing exactly where and how our mates down under invest.


As the AUM has increased, so has international investment. The rate of international allocations accelerated in the last five years as the Australian dollar sank and the country’s resources investment boom, led by demand from China, waned. The relatively small and concentrated Australian stock market has been another key driver for expanding foreign investment as investors seek diversification.

Read the Ipreo Special Report: They Come From A Land Down Under

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