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What Makes a Great IR Program?

Ipreo has peerless access to many of the key decision-makers and integral players within the capital markets. They rely on us for our analysis, data and insight into the financial world, and in turn, we occasionally call on them to provide their own insight, from the inside.

A few months ago, we spoke with buy-side analysts to get their thoughts on social media and its role in the workplace – if they use it, how it’s used, what they use, etc. – and their feedback taught us a lot about how the financial industry relies on (or doesn’t rely on) such popular social platforms as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in the service of their work.

In an effort to keep learning, we recently reached out to the investor relations community to talk about the qualities of a good IR program. The analysts and portfolio managers we spoke to gave examples of companies they think have best-in-class programs, and exactly what those companies do that makes them stand out.

Among the most mentioned characteristics were the IR team’s ability to respond in a timely manner and understand the company’s business in the context of industry trends. Not everyone we spoke to was comfortable naming names, but Equity Financial and Northeast Utilities were repeated more than once as good examples of great IR programs.

For more on best-in-class IR programs, straight from the industry’s mouth, read the full report.

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