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Valuation Assumptions

There’s a reason Ipreo’s Private Capital Markets team frequently discusses valuations and the processes used to attain them – they are crucial to understanding your business and achieving future milestones and goals.

Ipreo’s Private Capital Markets (PCM) group constantly provides clients with a wide variety of relevant information on issues that are important to fund managers and investors, including the ever-present valuation challenge, Brexit, insights from private capital COOs and CFOs, and more.

Today, David Mesner, Valuation Analyst, returns with a look at another challenging aspect of valuation reporting: the assumptions that are made throughout the process.


“When a report is drafted, there may be some inputs that are not available, despite efforts to retrieve specific data points from the subject’s management team. In those circumstances, it is reasonable to make assumptions in some areas. When applied properly, assumptions can reduce the overall report process time without compromising the integrity of the findings.”

Read the entire report, the first in a three-part series: Avoiding Gray Areas Part 1: Valuation Assumptions

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