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Turkish Insight

Ipreo’s Regional Reports examine equity investment and capital flows in and out of Asia-Pacific and select countries in Eastern, Western, and “Troubled” European economies on a quarterly basis. This quarter’s reports examine net capital flows in Q4 2015.

With each report covering a different country, there is a wide variety of data to parse. But one constant across all of these Q4 2015 reports is the general concern over macro risk. Spurred on by Chinese growth and geopolitical fears, the atmosphere entering 2016 is fairly uneasy as investors seek safe havens. There is widespread uncertainty over whether sharp price falls will continue and whether equities generally considered risky bets can start to look like value investments.

Turkey’s Q4 2015 Flow of Funds report reveals that neither it, nor the rest of the countries within Emerging Europe, were immune to these concerns. Emerging Europe stocks have seen outflows in three of the past four quarters, though ran at half their Q3 level in Q4 2015 on the back of lessened sales by growth investors. The report delves further into those numbers, singling out the biggest buyers and sellers in the region, and offering justification for each.

Ipreo’s sector and industry specific Flow of Funds reports provide detail and insight into investment activity throughout Europe, complete with visualizations.

View Turkey’s Flow of Funds report.

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