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The Year in Ipreo

2014 was a big year for Ipreo. We changed hands, added some new members of the family, hit a few milestones and welcomed some new faces. As the end of the month approaches and we all settle into 2015, the Ipreo Blog wanted to share just a few of the many exciting things that impacted us over the past year.


In August, we announced the completion of our acquisition by private equity funds managed by Blackstone and by the Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division. “We are excited to partner with Blackstone, Goldman Sachs and KKR in our next phase of development,” said Scott Ganeles, Chief Executive Officer of Ipreo. “Our new investors bring a complementary set of experience, relationships, and in-market expertise that will help support the growth of the business and will allow us to provide our customers with accelerated access to new market-leading products.”

Ipreo has long seen an opportunity in the Alternative Assets/Venture Capital/Private Equity space. As the premier provider of solutions that support investor relations workflow and the capital-raising process around new-issuances (e.g. new equity assets like IPOs, new debt offerings, etc), expanding our footprint to include pre-public companies and their financial sponsors is a logical extension of our offering. In late 2014, we were able to acquire two companies to help forge our way.

The first was Shareholder InSite (SI), the definitive leader in valuation services to the Alternative Assets marketplace. SI’s strong management team, deep industry expertise, and excellent reputation with clients make it an ideal foundation from which to launch Ipreo’s new Alternative Assets vertical, which is led by Shareholder InSite’s Joe Maxwell and Brett Suchor.

Expansion of the Alternatives vertical following quickly with the acquisition of ClearMomentum, whose monitoring solutions are highly complementary to SI’s valuation solution. The marketplace has already strongly indicated that the combination of Shareholder Insite’s and ClearMomentum’s solutions will be a powerful and highly valuable integrated offering.

Executive Additions

Ipreo welcomed new faces to our executive team. In addition to Shareholder InSite’s CEO Joe Maxwell, we also brought in Agnies Watson as Ipreo’s new head of Corporate Workflow Solutions. Agnies’s 20 years of global financial services experience will serve her well in her role, in which she’ll be responsible for the management and continued development of the firm’s suite of Corporate Workflow Solutions, which includes its BD Corporate platform, and integrated solution that combines the industry’s most robust institutional data with intuitive IR workflow tools focused on managing and communicating with investors.

Meanwhile, down south, our Raleigh office continued to grow, approaching nearly 200 employees by year-end, and we welcomed a new office across the ocean in Frankfurt, bringing Ipreo’s presence up to 14 locations around the globe, not including satellite offices.

Products and Services News

Ipreo’s various business lines reached significant milestones in 2014. Here are a few of the most notable:

IssueNet, which provides a syndicate-to-syndicate communications platform for the Fixed Income primary new-issue market, reached 100 member banks in November. Launched in 2003 by London-based Marketpipe Ltd (which was acquired by Ipreo in 2006) with the backing of ICMA and a consortium of 18 investment banks, IssueNet is now the market standard for running fixed-income new issues, running more than 80% of global euro issuance. This past year also saw the successful implementation of IssueNet APAC and launch of IssueNet Americas.

Discovery Data, within the Global Asset & Wealth Management Division of Ipreo, saw the release of a fully automated data integration app, Discovery DataLink, for, greeted nearly 1,000 new subscribers to their flagship service, and had 145 million data fields updated or verified throughout the year, including 316,000 professionals and 3,500 firms added, and 325,000 email addresses populated.

We also launched RoadShowAccess, a web-based solution that automates, simplifies and enhances all elements of virtual management presentation logistics and viewing, in connection with new-issuance marketing across equity, fixed income and U.S. municipal bonds. With over 50 deals executed since inception, RoadshowAccess is quickly becoming a “household” name for banks to create and host virtual presentations given its sleek design and unparalleled functionality. Notably, RoadshowAccess has touched every asset class, deal type and region across all menu options.

Our Mobile team was busy as well! Continuing our commitment to providing an unparalleled user experience via constant innovation, we introduced and enhanced the mobile versions of our BD Corporate, BD Vision and BD Advanced applications, which are available across all Apple and Android devices. The BD Mobile apps give Research, Sales and Trading and other capital markets professionals all of the essential data and tools they need on the road to pull up profiles on their investor clients and prospects, schedule and map meetings, and log interactions in real time.

In their ongoing effort to meet the needs of both the municipal market and dealers, Ipreo’s Municipal Team launched a variety of exciting new features in 2014, including online Sales Designation Entry directly from the Allotment, and the integration of MMD yield curves within the Scale page. In addition to these and other enhancements, the Muni team supported a huge amount of new issuance throughout 2014, with many deals over $1 billion, including State of California, Texas Transportation Commission, Dormitory Authority of the State of New York, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, City of New York, City of Los Angeles, among others. In total, over $320 billion in bonds were issued on 9,630 deals.

2014 was an eventful year for Ipreo, and we’re expecting more of the same in 2015. Check back in with the Ipreo Blog to stay abreast of the latest happenings here and within the industry!

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