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The Year in Ipreo

2016 was eventful, both across the globe and here at Ipreo itself.

Before we move on to 2017, we thought we’d take one last look at some of the exciting things that took place within these walls over the course of the past year. As we do.

Tenth Anniversary

First things first! At the end of 2016, Ipreo hit a major milestone: In December, we celebrated our tenth anniversary as Ipreo. We put together a nifty little video detailing our history and accomplishments, and we also created an infographic that showcases the numbers behind the impact we’ve had, and continue to have, on the markets.

Now that we’ve covered the last decade, let’s look back at the last twelve months.


Ipreo continued to expand its relationships in 2016, forming several mutually beneficial partnerships with other companies to either launch new or bolster existing services.

In January we teamed up with Symphony to integrate their secure communications service with Ipreo’s suite of capital markets workflow applications. In early March, we partnered with Symbiont to launch our industry blockchain initiative, and as the month closed out, we kicked off a collaboration with MarketEye to give companies in Australia and New Zealand access to Ipreo’s global markets intelligence and workflow solutions.

In the fall, we entered into an agreement with TSX Company Services to offer Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) issuers the in-depth analysis and dynamic functionality they need to build and execute their IR strategies.

Last fall also saw us enlist Box to power our PRISM platform, which equips private companies to manage regulatory requirements, securely communicate with shareholders, efficiently execute capital raising and liquidity events, and perform advanced analytics to drive better business decisions (more details below).

Visit our Press Releases page for more details.

Product and Services News

Investor Access, the industry led initiative that Ipreo has been working on for the past two years has reached a true milestone. Investor Access, which allows investors to electronically submit orders directly to the sell-side syndicated banks on fixed-income new issues went live recently.  It was the first time collaboration between the sell-side and the buy-side took place electronically on a live primary issue. Investor Access is now available in EMEA and is expected to go live in Asia later this year.

2016 saw the formation of the new Private Company Solution (PCS) division, which will focus on delivering mission-critical workflow to corporates in the private markets. The PCS team is scaling its business quickly to help private companies securely and seamlessly share confidential information with key stakeholders on one platform.  As PCS enters new markets in 2017, its first product offerings will include a virtual data room (VDR), aimed at companies going through a merger or acquisition, and a Board of Directors portal, designed for both private and public companies to facilitate and enhance the communication and transparency between companies and their investors.

Ipreo’s Loan trade Settlement division springboarded off of the aforementioned Symbiont partnership to create a brand new company, Synaps Loans LLC, which combines Symbiont’s leading smart contract technology with Ipreo’s new business process solution to speed loan trade settlement. 2016 was primarily focused on North American loans, and 2017 will see LTS expanding to the EMEA region, where we plan to have proof of concept this spring, with an outlook towards being in production there by the end of the year.

In late 2016, Ipreo launched its Gameday platform into the Muni market, the most comprehensive live deal order monitor ever. Gameday provides real-time insight into investor and syndicate order flow in a new, user friendly interface. Integrated with Ipreo’s BD Advanced system, Gameday now brings new data such as investor money type and individual investor profiles & holdings to users during the bookbuild process. Issuers and their origination teams are accessing highly detailed investor insight and analytics that have never before been available during a live pricing, providing users with all the analysis they need, at the time they need it. User feedback was overwhelmingly positive in 2016 and we’re excited to watch Gameday further impact the market in 2017.

New Homes and New Hires

Last but not least, we welcomed John McSherry to the executive team. John joined Ipreo in August as our new Executive Vice President and General Counsel, after having spent 15 years at IPC Systems, a privately held trading communication technology and services company. Welcome aboard, John!

Also, in 2016, we opened a brand new office in San Francisco, and our Hong Kong employees moved into a new facility.

That about wraps up Ipreo’s busy 2016. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue to find new ways to innovate in the new year!

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