In The News: July

In the News: July

Hard to believe that we're already done with July, but time flies when you're making headlines! Last month, the muni market generated a fair share of news, and Ipreo's data and insight was featured in a handful of stories about…

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In The News: June

In the News: June

Based on the amount of news the bond market generated, June was a eventful month for munis. There was also a fair amount of chatter about 2017's biggest week for IPOs, as well as continued coverage of the blockchain initiative.…

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In The News: May

In the News: May

We're back with the May edition of our media roundup. There was a lot of discussion about the muni market in May, as it enjoyed a bit of a resurgence and also dealt with the shortened Memorial Day week, as…

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In The News: April

In the News: April

April was raining Ipreo news, and we've captured all the headlines in our monthly "In The News" recap. The bulk of the stories this month concerned the blockchain initiative Ipreo is spearheading, and the month's municipal bond activity. There is…

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In The News: March

In the News: March

Before we close the books on April, let's take a look back at some of the headlines Ipreo contributed to in March! March had its share of activity, with the SNAP IPO hitting Wall Street, the syndicated loan market's blockchain…

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In The News: February

In the News: February

Today is March 15th, aka the Ides of March, the day on which Julius Caesar was betrayed and assassinated by his friends and colleagues. Nothing quite so memorable happened in Ipreo's world in February, but we're still going to share…

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In The News: January

In the News: January

It's Valentine's Day, which means we're already halfway through February! 2017 is off to a rollicking, volatile start, and the news has been overflowing. Not to be left out, Ipreo made our share of headlines in January. Throughout the month,…

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In The News: December

In the News: December

2016 was an eventful year, but even eventful years cool off as the calendar thins. There wasn't a ton of activity in December as the markets slowed down in preparation for and celebration of the holiday season, but Ipreo still…

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In The News: November

In the News: November

November had something of a split personality. The beginning of the month saw the end of an interminable, contentious election, the results of which will impact the financial markets, and the world, for years to come. And the end of…

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