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Shareholder Composition

Our latest Hot Topic Summary Report, a regular feature in which we survey buy-side analysts and portfolio managers for their input on a variety of topics affecting the financial and investment communities, explores the importance of the composition of a holding or potential holding.

In the past, Hot Topics have explored Brexitsocial mediathe growth of passive investing, and more. Last time, earnings calls practices, and today we’re focusing on shareholder composition.

“How does the shareholder composition of a holding or potential holding impact your decision-making? Are there levels of concentration or type of shareholder that may attract or detract from your interest in investing?”

68% of the respondents believe that it does, with some specifically focusing on hedge fund activity, while many stated that they don’t even look the makeup of the shareholders.

Find out what else they add to say about their decision-making in Ipreo’s latest Hot Topic: Does Shareholder Composition Impact Investor Decision-Making

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