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Investors’ Thoughts on a Company’s Return on Invested Capital

Every month, Ipreo reaches out to our network of financial professionals to get their insight into issues that affect the marketplace, and to provide our Corporate clients with a little glimpse into the minds of the investment community.

Among our most essential resources are the buy-side analysts and portfolio managers with whom work on a daily basis, colleagues who are in the trenches every day, dealing firsthand with the challenges and complexities of the industry. We look to them for their opinions and insider viewpoints on the essential topics of the moment, in order to both stay abreast of the ever-changing landscape and to stay ahead of the challenges and concerns of our clients.

In the past we’ve covered Brexit, social media, quarterly guidance, board constitution and term limits, and more.

Last month, for our most recent Hot Topic, we looked to select buy-side analysts and portfolio managers for their thoughts on Return on Invested Capital (ROIC).

We asked the following question:

“What are your thoughts on a company’s ROIC and where in your investment process do you use it as a basis for measurement or consideration before making an investment in a particular company?”

Most investors surveyed said they use ROIC, but the level of focus they put on the metric varied. Find out by how much in Ipreo’s latest Hot Topic: Investors’ Thoughts on a Company’s Return on Invested Capital

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