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Planning Your Canadian Roadshow

As a global company dedicated to providing insight and analysis across the global markets, Ipreo has offices all around the world. Our headquarters is in New York City but we have locations in major cities on multiple continents, including Asia, Africa, and Europe. Such presence allows us to monitor activity and serve clients in every financial hub around the world.

One of those regions is our neighbors to the north.

Canada can sometimes be overlooked by investors focused on the major North American markets, with much of the attention going to the United States’ two coasts. When Canada is considered, the obvious targets are Toronto and Montreal. But there is plenty of capital up for grabs throughout all of Canada.

How do you identify the Canadian institutions seeking investments in your space that are not yet familiar with your company?

We have some thoughts, and in our latest special report, we detail our approach and then lay out some of the best bets by industry.


Although Canada may be a short flight away for many US IR teams in comparison to European investment centers, Canada’s allocation to US securities (35%) mirrors that of European asset managers (31%) rather than its US counterparts (73%). So while it may be easier to convince management to visit Canada rather than travel overseas, it becomes even more imperative to target the right investors, capable of establishing significant positions, to make it worth management’s time.

Is it worth your time/money to visit Canadian Investors?

Find out in our special report: Planning Your Canadian Roadshow: Key Investors by Industry

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