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Outlook for 2017

Tomorrow, the 45th President of the United States will be inaugurated into office, and a new era of America politics will begin.

Already, after a tumultuous year, 2017 is primed for some major change, as Donald Trump and a Republican-controlled Congress take the reins after eight years of President Obama. Trump ran on a variety of issues, but his prowess as a businessman was a big part of his campaign, and he has made many promises concerning the country’s economy. Any resulting policy changes are sure to have a big impact on the financial world.

So just what can we expect as we move forward?

Ipreo’s most recent Hot Topic – a regular feature in which we survey buy-side analysts and portfolio managers for their input on a variety of topics affecting the financial and investment communities – asks exactly that question.

In the past, we have explored Brexitsocial mediaquarterly guidance, board constitution and term limits, and more. This month, we asked respondents to consider what’s to come over the next 12 months…

“What is your outlook for 2017? What are the catalyst/detractors for your outlook?”

Responses run the gamut from positivity to pessimism, and despite a consensus, most respondents seemed to agree that 2017 is a difficult year to forecast.

See all the responses in Ipreo’s latest Hot Topic: Outlook for 2017

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