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Operational Due Diligence

At the beginning of October, we shared a special report from Ipreo’s Private Capital Markets (PCM) group that discussed the shifting role of CFOs and COOs in the private capital landscape. Today, the author of that report is back with more insight into the growing expectations, and changing practices, within the private capital markets.

Ipreo PCM provides sophisticated, flexible, automated data collection. We offer reporting, analytics, and valuation solutions that help private capital market participants gain deeper insights, demonstrate value creation, accelerate valuation processes, and ultimately increase allocations. Our experts consistently provide acumen into the markets, and in today’s shifting atmosphere, are always on the lookout for topics that will impact both the marketplace and its participants.

The Blog has published multiple pieces related to the private capital markets, covering topics such as the OPM method of allocating value, volatility, leveraging technology in real estate investing, and just last month, data and content integrity.

In his latest contribution, Kyri Yiannakis, EMEA Head of Client Development, Ipreo PCM, takes a look at the evolution of operational due diligence within private capital firms.


“In the past, due diligence has largely been an arms-length exercise conducted through electronic file transfer, but a growing number of LPs are taking a more hands-on approach and requesting an on-site review of the GP’s operations as part of the process.”

Read the entire report: Operational Due Diligence


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