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Meeting the Demands of Valuation

  • Private Capital Markets

Ipreo’s Private Capital Markets (PCM) group is constantly providing clients with a wide variety of great information on issues that are important to fund managers and investors. Recently, Ipreo PCM published a guide to meeting the demands of valuation, featuring five steps firms can take to ensure they’re not caught off-guard by audit expectations – and therefore don’t lose credibility with investment partners and LPs.

Today, the Ipreo Blog is happy to share the aforementioned guide with our readers.

On Ipreo PCM’s own website, you’ll find valuable thought leadership from a variety of experts within the private capital community, and as an important part of Ipreo, the Blog occasionally shares some of PCM’s most compelling content. In the past we’ve published a series on the OPM method of allocating value, another on volatility, and yet another on DLOM. We also explored ideal holding periods, conducted a three-part interview with Ipreo’s EVP of PCM, Kevin Black, and shared their award-winning infographic.

We’ll continue to shine a spotlight on content from Ipreo Private Capital Markets and from across our entire organization.

Below is an excerpt from Ipreo Private Capital Markets’ latest report, Meeting the Demands of a New Valuation Era, along with a link to the full document.

With today’s ever-changing regulations regarding valuations, it’s all too common to confront the unexpected during the valuation process. Year after year, the audit community revises some element that affects the foundation or framework of valuation practices. Valuations can no longer be calculated on the back of an envelope or based solely on transactions or single data points. They are now one of the most integral and most heavily scrutinized elements in the reporting process. In fact, a recent survey by Prequin showed that 70% of LPs and 40% of GPs surveyed believe valuations to be the biggest challenge facing the industry in 2016.

Read the full guide – Meeting the Demands of a New Valuation Era

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