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Ipreo and EBRD Exclusive Joint Report

Ipreo recently published a report in conjunction with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Ipreo’s analytics and perception teams conducted in-depth research and interviews with a number of market participants, alongside insights sourced directly from institutions such as public websites of stock exchanges, clearing houses, institutional investors’ reports and share registers.

This data was collected in the EBRD regions between July and December 2017, ranging from Estonia to Egypt, from Morocco to Mongolia and provided a highly valuable base for the report. The report  discusses the findings in all these economies in terms of market challenges, investor views, investment flows, opportunities and risks, to assess the situation in each market and to serve as a benchmark for future analysis of trends in these regions.

The investors interviewed during the study have experience of investing in emerging and/or frontier markets across securities (equity, debt, currencies and derivatives) and are very aware of both the opportunities for growth and associated risks. One of the main report findings was that a shift is required from dependence on credit-oriented financing to equity capital, in order to drive greater market and economic development in these regions.

This was a first of a kind study particularly for emerging economies. To access Ipreo and EBRD’s exclusive joint report, Investor Base of Securities Markets in the EBRD Region, and take a closer look at the trends mentioned above, click here.

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