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Ipreo and Alibaba

As you know, Alibaba finally landed on the NYSE last week.

After months of speculation, including some on this very blog, it actually lived up to the hype, securing its place as the biggest IPO of all time. Like the rest of the financial world, we were excited for the online seller’s debut and are keeping an eye on the ramifications for the market, but amidst all the hard work, we’re allowing ourselves something of a victory lap.

Ipreo is proud to have played a large role in this stock’s road to the record books.

Alibaba is just one example of the many IPOs that Ipreo helps on their way to market through a comprehensive suite of applications. Ipreo is involved throughout the entire deal-making process for many major new issuances, all the way from the initial filing and roadshow portion of the process, to the book-building, pricing and allocation and, finally, through to their emergence into the secondary market.

We pride ourselves on our ability to generate efficiencies across all components of the aforementioned processes, and the work we performed for our clients on the Alibaba deal is a perfect example of what Ipreo can do. In fact, despite the big numbers, it was really just business as usual for us; our applications play an integral part in many financial transactions around the world, from record-setting IPOs to those of smaller, less-talked about companies.

Everyone who works with Ipreo – including the banks, the investors & the issuers – is able to leverage a wide variety of applications to communicate, interact and manage processes throughout their deals. Here are just a few ways in which Ipreo supports a typical IPO with our applications, expertise and customer service:

We provide 24×7 global support for all players on our Equity and Retail Bookbuilding systems. Our iCompliance team fields many – sometimes hundreds – of IPO certification requests over the course of a deal, and Ipreo’s Client Services team responds to dozens of calls and emails to assist with paperwork, order entry, and user access. All essential documentation can be maintained and tracked with our iProspectus application, banks and issuer executives can follow their deals in real time via Ipreo’s Issuer View, and, if you’re looking to meet in person, requests for roadshow meetings are handled with our iPlanner software.

There was hardly a team at Ipreo that didn’t have a hand in the Alibaba deal, and there’s hardly a day that goes by that Ipreo’s applications don’t impact the deals being made across the globe.

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