The Year in Ipreo 2017

In what has become a sort of tradition for the blog, every January we post a recap of Ipreo’s year.

We don’t spend a lot of time talking about ourselves, and this yearly recap is one of the rare instances in which we toot our own horn a bit. And no matter how you feel about 2017 in general, it’s impossible to deny that it was pretty eventful, and Ipreo’s last 12 months were no exception.

So before we move on to 2018, we thought we’d take one last look at some of the exciting things that took place within these walls over the course of the past year.

Product and Services News
Investor Access made a lot of waves this year, from start to finish. In January, within days of first use, IA – which we discussed in a three-part interview series with Buy Side Managing Director Herb Werth – expanded coverage to an Asian issuer in Euros. This kicked off a year of strong momentum for Investor Access, which saw significant adoption, executed its first deal in the APAC Fixed Income market, and finished 2017 with over 1000 sell-side deals and more than $13B in buy-side orders.

Not to be outdone, Ipreo’s IssueNet platform had a big year as well, enabling the Japanese Fixed Income market and surpassing the $1 Trillion mark in the U.S.

In its first full year of operation, Muni Gameday made big strides and is well-positioned for continued growth as functionality is added and Order Monitor is retired.

On the private capital side of the business, Prism, Ipreo’s Private Capital Services best-in-class capital raising VDR and investor reporting portal that launched in 2016, saw major growth over the course of the year.

Ipreo’s Private Capital Markets (PCM) team did a lot more than just contribute a wealth of thought leadership to the Ipreo Blog, including joining with Hamilton Lane and adding 63 new clients globally.

Ipreo PCM also introduced a Managed Data Service for Limited Partners that is already making an impact in the GP-LP space after just six months, and threw two highly successful iNTERACT conferences – New York’s 5th annual conference, which saw over 200+ clients attend, and London’s 2nd annual event, which drew over 100 attendees.

Ipreo continued our practice of hosting a wide variety of networking and thought leadership events around the globe, and 2017 saw record attendance across all of our self-produced events. PCM held iNTERACT in both New York – the sixth annual conference, with over 200 clients in attendance – and London, where over 100 clients attended our second annual event across the pond. In the fall, we held our sixth annual IR Wisdom Summit in multiple cities in Asia, while conducting a plethora of smaller but high-quality workshops & roundtables in GMG, Corporate and PCM business lines.

New Homes and New Hires
Ipreo saw some enhancements in 2017, in both real estate and personnel perspectives, including a major face-lift for our London office and an upgrade to our Capetown location in South Africa.

We also added some new leadership to the team, with a variety of hires over the course of 2018. Albert Lojko joined us as the Executive Vice President of Corporate Solutions, and we also brought the following Managing Directors on board:

Doug Chu, MD, West Coast
Stephen Grady, MD, Head of Market Structure
Sebastean Leoni, MD, PCS
John Londono, MD, Head of Events
Christopher Sztam, MD, GMG RS&T
Justin Wolfe, MD, Head of Client Success, PCM
Michael Wood, MD, Head of Sales, Account Management and Client Success, GMG

Welcome to the Ipreo family!

Tech Blog
Last but not least, the Ipreo Blog added a little something as well, with the introduction of our new Tech Blog! On the Tech Blog, Ipreo’s expert team of web developers and UX designers share their thoughts on industry trends and Ipreo-based initiatives, and offer all manner of insights into the shifting tech landscape, bringing a new dimension to our ever-increasing collection of thought leadership.

That about wraps up Ipreo’s busy 2017. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue to find new ways to innovate in the new year!

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