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Investor Support in a Down Market

Today, we published a brand new edition of the Ipreo Better IR Newsletter.

The Winter 2016 edition of our regular newsletter covering the investor relations industry includes a primer on Norges Bank Investment Management, one of the largest investors on earth; and a story on the changing landscape of environmental/social shareholder proposals.

Also featured this quarter are the regular fund and firm reports, and a closer look at the Toronto area’s investment market.

The lead feature this month focuses on how IROs can find the right hedge funds to rely on during times of market volatility, such as we saw at the end of last summer.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the Winter 2016 edition of the Better IR’s lead story, Investors Likely to Provide Support in a Down Market?

The investor conference scene is rife with hedge funds, presenting a huge challenge for an IRO when determining which hedge funds should be given management time versus which should be crammed into the end-of-day group meeting. Portfolio turnover rate is often the first metric that IROs will utilize to form an opinion on a hedge fund. Using overall turnover rate, however, can obfuscate the more traditional long-term investment approach that many hedge funds take, albeit for a small percentage of their portfolios.

It was our goal to identify a group of IR-friendly hedge funds by emphasizing two data points:

1) Core Portfolio Holding Size Turnover
2) Propensity to make a core investment purchase following a face-to-face meeting

For the full piece, check out Winter 2016’s Better IR!

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