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Investment Activity Across Sectors

Ipreo is uniquely positioned at the nexus of a broad range of financial activity, with clients, colleagues, and offices all over the globe.

Our relationships give us access to mountains of data – across sectors, industries, regions – that our expert analysts pore through in search of insights and trends. Often, it’s our access to historical data that illuminates some of our most significant discoveries, and our latest special report serves as a perfect example.

A few members of our Corporate Analytics team – Director Chris Stroh, Associate Matthew Davis, and intern Sean Rogers – recently took a look at three years of investment activity across all sectors and compiled their findings into a robust special report, “Investment Activity Across Sectors.”

Ipreo receives many questions about which sectors are attracting or losing equity ownership. The purpose of this write-up is to better illustrate and inform our clients about trends in equity ownership across sectors.


When analyzing investor turnover and region, the largest equity owners across all sectors are consistently low-turnover and North American institutions. Institutional investors in Asia were the regional segment to make substantial percentage increases in investment across all sectors, excluding only energy. North American institutions also increased investment across the sectors but not at the same rate of Asian institutions. Although Asian ownership increased at the fastest rate over each interval, total value invested by Asian institutions remains the third largest in all sectors, behind North America and Europe. Concurrently, European institutions decreased investment in a variety of sectors, contributing to the increased percentage ownership by Asian institutions.

Read the Ipreo Special Report: Investment Activity Across Sectors

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