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Information in Companies’ Form 10-Qs

  • Investor Relations

Our latest Hot Topic Summary Report, a regular feature in which we survey buy-side analysts and portfolio managers for their input on a variety of topics affecting the financial and investment communities, explores the ways investor relations teams can increase value.

In the past, Hot Topics have explored Brexit, social media, what differentiates the best IR teams, tax reform and more. Last time, we discussed the effect of MiFID II, and today we’re focusing on how important a solid IR program actually us.

We asked a wide collection of buy-side analysts and portfolio managers across multiple sectors the following question:

“When you review a company’s Form 10-Qs, what are the three most important items you gather that are not in the earnings release?”

One response indicated the importance of  “the underlying discussion of debt, discussion of competitive factors, and more detailed financials,” another seeks data on “capital deployment, M&A appetite, and appetite to divest assets that could create value for shareholders.”

A full half of the respondents mentioned that they look at 10-Qs when an earnings release does not have enough information.

Find out what else they had to say, in Ipreo’s latest Hot Topic: Investor Feedback on Important Information in Companies’ Form 10-Qs

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