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Improving the Investor Packet

You wouldn’t make a big purchase without doing some research first, would you? Of course not. That goes triple for financial professionals, many of whom make daily decisions on where, when and how to invest large sums of money on behalf of their companies and clients. As such, conducting due diligence and performing solid research is an essential part of their responsibilities.

For companies hoping to entice investors, it’s crucial that they put their best feet forward when providing potential investors with the information they need to make an informed decision. A crucial part of this process is the investor packet, the collection of data and information a company provides to interested parties in the hopes that they’ll move forward. Of course, not all investor packets are created equal.

With that in mind, Ipreo recently asked select buy-side analysts and portfolio managers what the company should include in their investor packet to help in the initial stages of researching a company: “When you initially begin researching a company, what should companies include in their investor packet to help you get up to speed?”

A wide range of items were suggested, including general industry overview, competitive landscape, major segments of the business and the key business drivers. Meanwhile, few investors noted that they do not rely much on investor packets but rather on SEC filings, earnings transcripts, investor presentations, and a list of sell-side analysts who cover the stock.

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