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Ideal Holding Period

Over the course of 2016, the Ipreo Blog will be showcasing insights and analysis from across all of our divisions. Today, we’re focusing on the private capital markets, which has its own unique set of concerns, many of which revolve around growing pressures for transparency and regulatory compliance.

Amidst those broader concerns, there remain more specific issues on the minds of the industry.

Bharat Kanodia, ASA, Associate Director, Ipreo Private Capital Markets, is here to shed some light on one of them, namely the public investor’s desire to get in on the ground floor of venture backed IPOs – and the questions that they might want to ask in order to maximize their return on such enticing investment opportunities.


There has been much eagerness for Unicorns IPOs lately. Historically, getting in at IPO price has intrigued public investors. Investing at IPO price has not always paid off  in the long run, yet public investors continue to wait for Unicorn IPOs and attempt get in at the off ering price without considering data for optimum returns.

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