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How to Message Tax Reform

Our latest Hot Topic Summary Report, a regular feature in which we survey buy-side analysts and portfolio managers for their input on a variety of topics affecting the financial and investment communities, explores the implications of tax reform.

In the past, Hot Topics have explored Brexit, social media, the growth of passive investing, shareholder composition, and more. Last time, what differentiates the best IR teams and today we’re focusing on tax reform, and how the changes are being communicated.

“What would you like to see in the way of messaging from issuers regarding tax reform?”

Ipreo posed this question to investors managing over $1.3 Trillion in equity assets. 85% of the respondents stated that issuers need to be clear and specific when it comes to delivering information on tax reform. Specifically, 19% of these respondents noted that issuers should also focus on long-term effects.

Find out what else they add to say about their decision-making in Ipreo’s latest Hot Topic: Investor Feedback on How Issuers Should Message on the Implications of Tax Reform

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