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Global Equity in the Second Quarter of 2016

With Brexit landing in June and the presidential election looming, the global financial landscape is bound to experience some ups and downs over the next few months. Here at Ipreo, we’re staying focused on the global markets, and we have the latest issue of our Global Equity Assets Report to prove it.

Ipreo’s GEAR is published quarterly, and covers institutional investment across all countries, regions, and sectors. Due to the release time-frame for the data summarized within the report, publication is always one quarter behind, which means we’re still waiting for any potential ramifications from Brexit to materialize. Which isn’t to say that plenty isn’t happening already.

This issue, covering April, May and June of this year, takes a deep dive into the North America region and see that the region had a slight reversal from the first quarter of the year, as equity holdings fell $15.4B during the quarter (Q1 saw a marginal rise of $1.7B). Notably, Canada was top buyer during the quarter as it added $8.3B, while the U.S. took the top selling spot with a reduction of $52.3B.

Looking at all security regions, Japan took the top spot in equity flows after posting a 1.1% increase (reversing from Q1’s 0.5% outflow), and all regions except North America recorded net capital inflows. North America saw a decline of -0.1%, while last quarter’s leader, the Middle East/Africa built upon the 0.2% increase in Q1 with another bump of 0.6%.

The latest GEAR also drills down into global investor activity in all nine macro sectors. It remains to be seen what affect the end of the quarter’s Brexit decision – and next month’s presidential election – will have on the global markets, but GEAR will be here to help take stock.

The Global Equity Assets Report is published quarterly, and covers institutional investment across all countries, regions, and sectors. In an attempt to ensure that our data is as comprehensive and accurate as possible, the report pulls from a variety of sources, including publicly-disclosed information, collected from such sources as regulatory ownership filings (including SEC forms 13F/D/G), disclosures made by mutual funds / pension funds to their beneficiaries, registration statements, news releases, and other sources. It should be noted that regulatory filings and other ownership sources vary widely country-by-country as to their completeness and timeliness.

Read the entire GEAR Q2 2016 issue.

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